Le Once upon a time de Sublimette.

As every adventurer with stilettos who respects herself, you are a very naive girl.

Every night when you were a little girl, your mother read a very beautiful story to you, about a princess who found her Prince Charming.cendrillon.jpg

A very handsome, funny, kind and rich Prince Charming.

They were married and they had lovely children.

They all lived together in an amazing Parisian flat on the Ile st Louis.

The princess had a lot of wonderful dresses, handbags and stilettos in her big dressingroom.

They were very happy.

She was a very contented woman.

So when you were a teenager, you dreamt about this very extraordinary PC who you will meet when you become a woman.

You thought it would be very easy to find him.

You were a stupid girl.


Around age 20, you started looking for your PC that you hope to find in a café, at work, at a dinner or parties, on the internet or just on streets of Paris.

But you just found simple men.

PC was well hidden.


So, a few years later, you decided to cross the oceans to catch your PC.

You were sure that he was somewhere.

You looked everywhere.

No PC.


Now, you are a very incredible 30-year-old single woman, and you know that your mother is a very romantic woman.

And when you will have a daughter, every night you will read a wonderful story to her about the most important thing for a woman in her life:

Buy very expensive shoes.




Because shoes never disappoint you…







Vous savez que certain LecteurSubimants,en lisant ce post,vont vouloir montrer qu’ils parlent mieux anglais que vous, en postant un commentaire correctif.

Mais ils n’en feront rien,car ils savent que cela va vous gonfler.

9 commentaires à “Le Once upon a time de Sublimette.”

  1. 0 Osmany 16 mai 2010 à 10:59

    Oh ah. Indeed, we won’t piss you off because of your english. Actually, it’s a quite good english. Simple, funny and efficient ! :)

  2. 1 F 16 mai 2010 à 12:05

    Osmany is quite a nice fella, always charming and compassionate. and right too, your english is very good.

  3. 2 maury 16 mai 2010 à 12:43

    It is so good to read your funny story in English. May be if you come back one day, we will speak in English together!!!!!

  4. 3 lololacoiffeuse 16 mai 2010 à 17:50

    hello, ben moi je préfère tes post in french..mais je suis happy que tu ailles bien.
    French kiss..

  5. 4 stephane 17 mai 2010 à 10:09

    Ouai et pour les nuls en Anglais, On fait comment !!!!

    On te rejoint !!!!

  6. 5 Helene 17 mai 2010 à 12:13

    Votre histoire est mignonne – en français ou en anglais, et très vrai. Sans chaussures, nous ne sommes rien!

    Mais bien sûr, il est mignon en français. Pourquoi écrire en anglais ennuyeux?

    Je m’excuse pour mon « mignon » ….. français !!!! Je suis juste un professeur australien anglais … Gidday mate ….

  7. 6 Puerto Rican Expat 19 mai 2010 à 10:42

    looool!!! It was super funny! I also loved the fact that you wrote in English.

  8. 7 Lyon 20 fév 2011 à 13:31

    Hello le blog !
    Félicitation pour le blog et vos articles.
    C’est un véritable plaisir de venir vous lire régulièrement.
    Continuez comme cela :-)

  9. 8 trenditude 3 juil 2012 à 13:55

    j’ai beau essayé de comprendre mais non… en tout cas, j’adore ces escarpins..;)

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